Wednesday, January 12, 2011


2010- Nick- Acrylic painting

2007- Sleeping- Colored Pencil

2010-Logo Option- Illustrator

2010-The Marathon- Acrylic Painting

2008- Fake Vitamin Water Campaign- Photoshop (layout)

2008- Fake Vitamin Water Campaign-Photoshop (layout and photo manipulation)

2010-Book Appendix Layout- InDesign

2010-Book Appendix Layout- InDesign

2010-Origami Tulips-Photograph

2010- Giving Birth Illustration- Photoshop painting

2007-Brian-Acrylic painting

2010- Children's Book Page-Photoshop

2009- Fake Dasani Ad (against Dasani)- Photoshop layout and manipulation

2009- Future City Sketch- Pen and Ink on Paper

2009- eWaste Campaign- Photoshop and InDesign

2010-Hipster Money- Photoshop painting and layout

2009- 7 Different Photos in 1- Photography and Photoshop manipulation

2010- Page Layout- InDesign

2009- Sea Urchin Morningstar- Paper, found objects, and spray paint

2010-Journal Page- Photoshop and InDesign

2009- Intern Pitch Storyboard Frame- Photoshop

2010- WPA Poster for Today- Photoshop

2010- Magazine Illustration- Pencil and then Photoshop

2010-Magazine Illustration- Photoshop